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Victoria Resort

Hotel & Restaurant All inclusive
Victoria Resort


  1. The lodging day (Your hotel stay) begins at 18:00 hours (time from which the room can be occupied / time of your check in).
  2. The lodging day (Your hotel stay) ends at 12:00 hours, at least one day from the check in date (time of check out). In the event you exceed this time limit, you will be charged for another stay night.
  3. In the event you acquired your stay by a travel agency, please verify whether your name, check-in and checkout dates, the meal plan for which you opted are correctly stated on the voucher issued by the travel agent.
  4. Buffet meals are served during certain time frames:
    • breakfast 07:30 – 09:30;
    • lunch 12:30 – 14:30;
    • dinner 19:30 – 21:30.
  5. All tourists will have access to sun loungers on the beach FOR FREE
    First rows on the beach (old sector) will be reserved for the superior rooms (8 and 9 floors) and apartments
    * The beach in fron of the hotel has been widened
    * ONLY the old beach sector is administered by the hotel
    * be advised that the sun lounges will be available only on the old beach sector!
  6. The clients that acquire Bed and breakfast or All inclusive packages will receive identification bracelets from the Reception desk, starting from 18:00 hours on the check-in day. Access to the resort's buffet, restaurant, beach bars and other free/included amenities is permitted only based on the bracelet.
  7. In order to avoid crowding, access to the restaurant will be allowed by groups. The seats at the table will be attributed based on the room number. Throughout the entire stay, tourists will preserve their seat at the table.
  8. For the safety and security of our guests, please be informed that the food and beverages included in all packages or ordered à la carte will be consumed only on the precincts of Victoria Restaurant.
  9. Beach attire is strictly forbidden in the hotel and restaurant.
  10. Each room has an inventory sheet that we suggest you should check, upon accepting your room. The missing objects will be reported at Reception. Damage to any object, by the tourists, entails the financial responsibility towards the hotel, according to the prices listed both in Reception, and on the inventory sheet. It is prohibited to take out of the hotel the inventory items, such as towels or bed sheets, etc.
  11. There are no refrigerators in the rooms, only minibar coolers, unfit to preserve food, not to mention baby and infant food. Considering that the preservation conditions are unfit, our equipment not benefiting from the appropriate thermal control, the access into the hotel with food or beverage from the outside is strictly prohibited!
  12. The double rooms can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child of up to 10 years in the same bed as the parents. For the other child below the age of 10, a fee of 50% of the value of the package acquired by the adult will be paid. For the children between 10 and 16 years old, 70% of the value of the package acquired by the adult will be paid. People over 16 years old will pay the entire value of the package acquired by the adult.
  13. Access with pets is permitted upon request, at the cost of 100 RON /night. Pets will benefit from room menu, their access to the restaurants or other food preparation / distribution sites (resort terrace, bar, kitchen) being strictly prohibited!
  14. The travel services do not include parking spots for the tourists' vehicles, nor surveillance for the vehicles. Guests can park their vehicles either in the resort's parking lot, against a fee, based on availability, or on the public spots, property of the City Hall of Constanta Municipality.
  15. The activity of the terraces and restaurants around the hotel is not subject to hotel administration, these representing private undertakings. The observation by these bars of the exploitation norms and regulations set for the summer season is at the administrators' sole discretion, the hotel not being liable for the breaches, such as exceeding the agreed sound noise or resting hours limits. The hotel administration uses their best efforts to impose general rules.